Full Stack Developer.Less is more

Belgian.34 years old
French.Mother tongue
English + Spanish.Fluent

PHP Laravel Livewire Yii 2 Vuejs Javascript jQuery mysql Sass HTML CSS OOP Java Github UI Design Wordpress Themes Woocommerce Bootstrap Tailwindcss Photoshop Indesign Illustrator After Effects

Impression 3D et blockchain enthousiaste

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2019 ‒ Today
Bachelor in Computer Science - Evening Course
Établissement d'enseignement pour adultes et de formation continue • Famenne-Ardenne
2019 ‒ 2021
Led Connect, Marche-en-Famenne.
Graphic & digital development manager.
2015 ‒ 2018
Freelance, Mexico City.
Graphisme, Packaging, Développement Web, UI Design.
2012 ‒ 2015
dOPPIO, Liège.
Junior graphic designer.
Development and management of graphic and digital projects.
2010 ‒ 2011
Design Innovation, Mons.
Specialization in Corporate Visual Identity (Branding).
2006 ‒ 2009
École Supérieure des Arts, ESA Saint-Luc, Liège. (Art School)
Bachelor’s degree in visual and graphic communication.
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